New MOOC on EdX: Platform Business Models

A new MOOC launched online on EdX today.

Today (18.6.21), we also launched a new MOOC (asynchronous online), instructor-led course on Platform Business Models:

If you are interested in platform business models, consider enrolling in the course today.


Srinivasan R

Author: Srinivasan R

Professor of Strategy at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. All views are personal. The views and opinions expressed here are of the author, and not those of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore; and are not intended to endorse, harm, malign, or defame any individual, group, or organisation.

One thought on “New MOOC on EdX: Platform Business Models”

  1. Dear Sir, Very happy to hear about launching of new course on platform models. Your courses will always attract more number of industry professionals.

    Sincerely. Ranjith

    Dr. V K Ranjith (MBA, PhD, FDPM, IIM-A) Professor Manipal Institute of Management Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal- 576104, India MBA Coordinator I Phone: +91 820 2571924 I Mob: +91 9480532538 Mail: Alternate mail: URL:



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